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On topic stuff from Something Awful

Started by Chris Swingler, 2003-12-02T23:41:59-06:00 (Tuesday)

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Chris Swingler

I was quite bored today, and found a few geek-related gems over at somethingawful.com.  (If you're a regular visitor there, it's quite likely you'll have seen these before.)

First, there is The Pizza Matrix.  The movie is quite humorous, but the compression on the SA mirrors is quite bad.  I have a higher quality one up on campus here, but only on-campus clients can access it (out of my control, sorry).  You could also get it from here, but that server seemed a little pokey.

Next, we have Misunderstood Computer Terms, and Nerd Movies.

As usual with SA, sometimes it's not quite work-environment-freindly, but I can assure you that the movie is.

Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator