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laptop friendly campus? wifi?

Started by bill corcoran, 2004-01-14T11:58:37-06:00 (Wednesday)

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What's this?

eb1036 (The big lab on the first floor of the EB) has been reconfugured with laptop stations and there is a wireless network called "siue-wifi" that students can access with their e-IDs.  


Chris Swingler

Really?  I just upgraded my laptop to a whopping 56MB of RAM (still looking for a 32MB EDO SoDIMM, anyone got one?) so I may be able to run Firefox now.  I think my laptop will be coming with me to class tomorrow. :dance:
Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator

Geoff Schreiber

I saw the WIFI network on my handheld, but it didn't seem to obtain an IP address ever - Is there a site with more specifics on logging in with the e-ID?
Geoff Schreiber
Project Engineer
FASTechnology Group

R. Andrew Lamonica

Much like the way WIFI works in airports and other commercial locations, SIUE’s WiFi prevents your device from accessing any content on any protocol until you have visited their login website.  Since any DNS request should resolve to the login website (before you have logged-in) you do not need to enter a specific page.  You just have to hit refresh on your default homepage and you should get the login site.  

Unfortunately, it has been suggested to me that the login site uses Java and a continuous connection rather then a MAC address method for sustaining authentication.  Thus, your device may needs a Java supporting browser and closing the browser may terminate your access.  I am not entirely sure about these points, however.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to connect to â€Ã...“SIUE-WIFIâ€Ã, and not one of the other ad-hoc or infrastructure networks that occasionally appear in the EB.