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[Survey] Most technically inaccurate computer related movie ever.

Started by R. Andrew Lamonica, 2002-09-05T00:05:28-05:00 (Thursday)

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R. Andrew Lamonica

This poll was a hard one to construct.  At first, I wanted to do worst computer related movie ever.  However, everyone has a different opinion about what â€Ã...“worstâ€Ã, means and I could not even make a list without adding my own bias.  As it is now, there are many â€Ã...“computer relatedâ€Ã, movies that are not on this list.  This is not entirely unintentional.  I have left out movies like â€Ã...“Weird Scienceâ€Ã, and â€Ã...“Star Trek the Motion Pictureâ€Ã, because they are just not trying very hard to be accurate.  Additionally, movies like â€Ã...“You've Got Mailâ€Ã, might concern computers but are not geared toward a technically savvy audience.  Any movies like â€Ã...“The Netâ€Ã,, â€Ã...“Antitrustâ€Ã, or â€Ã...“Swordfishâ€Ã, that I overlooked are genuine mistakes.  Please feel free to post a criticism if you think of one.

Michael Kennedy

I said "Hackers" although I couldn't even get all the way through it.  Swordfish was my second choice simply due to the "hydra".  All I gotta say is that I want to use that programming environment Stan used.  :)

And what the hell was wrong with Sneakers?  That's one of my all-time favorite movies.   :-D
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R. Andrew Lamonica

I liked Sneakers too.  I also liked ID4 and The Matrix, but Sneakers has a magic decoding box that can break "any" code, the people in ID4 write a virus for an alien computer system after just a few hours of analysis and The Matrix has AI’s who despite being capable of changing walls and dodging bullets cannot seem to communicate with each other any faster than the speed of voice.  I agree that some of these infractions seem trivial compared to the overall quality of the movie.  However, we are grading on technical accuracy and not movie quality.  Given some of the other choices I think Sneakers has a good chance â€Ã...“losingâ€Ã, this poll, but you never know.

Ryan Lintker

I hardly feel qualified to participate in this poll seing as how I only vaguely remember two of the movies.  I stll voted for hackers.  All of the movie effect visualism that comes along with the hacking seems a bit far fetched.
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Victor Cardona

Quotelamonica wrote:
I have left out movies like â€Ã...“Weird Scienceâ€Ã, and â€Ã...“Star Trek the Motion Pictureâ€Ã, because they are just not trying very hard to be accurate.

What?!? You mean warp drive and V-ger aren't real?



Wow, what a toss up! I was going to vote Tron, but with new Intelligent Agent research I guess computer programs could include an emotion function ("Yeah, I'm a spreadsheet program, but hey I just don't feel like doing your boring accounting calculations today buddy.")

But ID4 has to be the most inaccurate. I mean really, what are the chances that some Alien computer will have a similar architecure and os so that some computer wanna be can write a devistating virus AND have a cross compiler for the Alien's computer AND figure out the file transfer protocols to implant it.

Who knows, Aliens could have a trinary system rather than a binary system, they could have analog computers rather than digital, and do they use an 8 bit byte or a 7 bit byte (early IBM's did) or 9 bit byte (which might make more sense in a trinary system).

Besides, it should also win for the second most rediculous creature that could take over the Universe (The Daleks will always be number one).
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Chris Swingler

And how did they manage to get that PowerMac to communicate with that alien computer in ID4 anyway?  You can't get a Mac to talk friendly to an x86 PC, let alone a PC from half-way accross the galaxy!
Christopher Swingler
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R. Andrew Lamonica

Funny :-D  :-D  :-D

Matt Osmoe

It was a tough call. Swordfish made hacking look like playing mine sweeper in 3D. And ID4, well, I am guessing that the alien spaceship actually had macs on board, becuase if %5 of the market is mac, someone has to be buying them. But I had to go with hackers, because damn, if file navigation was that graphics-intensive, when I open my mp3 directory, my computer would explode.