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Purpose of CAOS?

Started by Jonathan Birch, 2004-01-20T14:21:31-06:00 (Tuesday)

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Jonathan Birch

Does CAOS have any specific goals as an organization?

Is this just a student organization to facilitate the SIUE CS department, or does it have a further purpose?


CAOS is an ACM chapter.  Their website has some purposes listed.  http://www.acm.org
Additionally, CAOS holds events, but the number and frequency of these are determined by the CAOS officers who are students.  Students are frequently too busy to plan events, so some semesters there are fewer events than others.

In the past some events have included:
LAN gaming night (that was fun)
Visit from RedHat to show off their new OS and give away stuff.
Geek Bowling
Some Movie Nights
Some UNIX demos and an install party.
Had guest speakers about security, new computer graphics technology and such.


  Welcome to CAOS! The purpose of this portal is to serve as a forum to facilitate communication between students and faculty of CS and CE departments at SIUE. CAOS also organizes other events like inviting experts for talks. We will be posting all the events soon. If you have any interesting ideas for CAOS, you can post them. For more details about upcoming events, you can contact . I wish you actively participate in CAOS.

Thank you


CAOS is both a social and professional organization.

We host fun events like gaming and movie night.

We also host professional events like the MasterCard Tour at the end of last semester and the computer security talk by one of the AB system administrators.

CAOS is a student organization, so what CAOS does depends on having an active membership. If have ideas for CAOS events post them here or tell them to one of the officers. If your are willing to give a little bit of your time to help organize an event get in touch with me or one of the officers.

Jerry Weinberg
Faculty Advisor to CAOS
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How about another LAN gaming night?  


Part of the purpose of CAOS is to network with other CS students and alumni.

If you haven't read Peter's and Dale's post on getting a job you should. Check it on the forum topic: "Have you CS graduates found jobs? "
"Make a Little Bird House in Your Soul" - TMBG...