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Questions about the ECE requirments

Started by Guest, 2004-02-02T21:15:15-06:00 (Monday)

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i noticed in the siue course catalog that ECE382 is a required class for Cs majors, but i look in the back of the catalog and it also says that ECE 210 "Circuit Design" is prerequisite along with CS 312 to get in to it.

As a CS major do i need to take the ECE210 so i can take the ECE382 course.



I didn't have to.  Perhaps CS312 takes the place of ECE210.  

When I took CS312 there were a few Circuit Design assignments.  Anyway, from talking to the ECE and EE majors, I got the feeling that the classroom part of ECE382 was easier for CS students then it was for them because most of the material covered relied on a strong familiarly with Boolean Logic.  I was less comfortable in the labs because ECE382 was the first class in which I had to build a circuit and I kept selecting defective parts.  However, the labs were not too hard and they got easier as they started to focus more on microprocessors and less on the underlying analog components.  In the last lab, I was able to help the TA to better understand the use of an accumulator register.


There is an agreement between CS and ECE that CS 312 will be accepted as the prerequisite for CS Majors.

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