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Z-Drive Access off-campus

Started by Jimbo, 2004-02-03T13:34:35-06:00 (Tuesday)

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downloaded WinSCP, followed the directions on engineer.siue.edu, but the remote directory list didn't have a Z-Drive link

unless it's hidden somewhere....

...bin, boot, cdrom, dev, etc, floppy, home, initrd, lib, lost+found, mnt, opt, proc, root, sbin, tmp, usr, var...

William Grim

The problem has been resolved.

We had to do a reinstallation of the OS (kernel updates didn't seem to fix an issue we were having) to try and solve a problem or see if the problem lies elsewhere.  So, during the reinstall, some less important files were not copied over.

This was one of the less important items on the list, but it's taken care of now.  Thanks for reminding me.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


tried goin' to home before i came here cuz it froze my winSCP when i tried to access it

but hey, i just tried it and it worked!

hello again, Z Drive!


Just to let everyone know you do not have to have the winSCP software to access your z: drive from off campus. Most of the ftp software out there supporst sftp/ssh.

Here is a quick how to with WS_FTP (assuming you know how to use WS_FTP):

1. Click on create site and specify a name (z Drive SIUE).

2. Click Next.

3. For the host address you want to  enter "home.cs.siue.edu". Without the qoutes of course.

4. Click Next.

5. For UserId you will enter the username that you use to logon to lab computers. It is also the same username you use for the dropbox. Also make sure that the "Anonymous" box is NOT checked

6. The Password is the same password you use for the above. You should also make sure that "Save Password" is checked.

7.Uncheck the account box.

8. Click Next.

9. For server type you want to select "SFTP/SSH". Selecting this option should automatically change the port to 22, but if not make sure to do so.

10. Click Finish and you are done.

Now you can enjoy using your z:Drive without having to download and install new software.

R. Andrew Lamonica

Winscp need not be installed.  It is just a single executable, but the default interface (non-explorer) is a little complicated.  So I am glad WS_FTP supports SCP.  

Thanks for the info.



William Grim

Quotews_FTP > winSCP

Reasons being?

WinSCP has a lot more features than the last free version of WS_FTP.  Also, the last free version of WS_FTP does NOT include SFTP options.

Anyway, the reason your client froze was probably because of NFS shares.  If you try logging into the system while NFS shares are down, it is possible that SCP locks up since you have no home directory.  This has been fixed by automount tools.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley