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School alloted webspace...

Started by Guest, 2004-02-18T14:22:50-06:00 (Wednesday)

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Does the school alloted webspace let you use perl, cgi, or php?



Ya, that is what I thought. Although, I do see perl on the server. Anyone know of a way to use it with your webspace?

Peter Motyka

If you are a CS student, you should have an account on solar.cs.siue.edu.  I know this server has PHP and Perl installed, perhaps even Python.  Check out this area of the CS Knowledge Base to find out how to get access.

P.S.  The PHP version is kind of outdated, but it is better than nothing! :D
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William Grim

Yeah, solar.cs has a ton of outdated stuff on it.

If you want to use PHP, I suggest using home.cs.  It's a Debian system running under the -testing (sarge) release.

Debian kind of works like this...
-stable is uber-stable, resulting in a system of higher grade than most other distributions' enterprise-grade
-testing is basically the same as other distros' enterprise-grade
-unstable is usable, but it's definately geared towards Debian developers to develop the OS

If you are into learning Linux, I HIGHLY recommend trying this distribution out.  It's gaining importance in netcraft surveys, and several recent distributions are modelled directly after it: Xandros, Lycoris, DamnSmallLinux, and several others.  I'd be happy to list all the reasons I like this, but it'd be one long post.

Let's just say that the APT tools are a work of art, and apt-get.org offers about 143,000 extra packages to use with apt-get.
William Grim
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If php is available on home.cs, how do I go about getting webspace?

William Grim

Just create a public_html directory in your home directory.

$ cd
$ mkdir public_html

In your web browser go to http://home.cs.siue.edu/~
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley