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Consulting Opportunity

Started by Jerry, 2004-03-08T12:43:47-06:00 (Monday)

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This just came to me by way of email:

I am seeking bids for the computer programming I will need to start a new web based business for the engineering and construction industry.  A brief scope of programming work needed is as follows:

1.       Develop a web site that will consist of brochure type of information, member sign up, log in and tracking to determine billing based on the number of reports generated.

2.       Convert an existing Access relational database to an SQL database.  I believe the web hosting company has a conversion utility.

3.       Develop a reporting system to query the database, based on user selected criteria and perform some statistical calculations on the data.

The access database, detailed instructions, algorithm, formulas, web site layout and content will be provided.  

I need to have a bid for this programming work by about March 16 as I need to provide an application package to SIUE by March 23 to be considered to receive help with starting a new business from their Entrepreneurship Center.  The actual programming work needs to be done by July 30, 2004.


Additional information and the detailed instructions to bidders will be provided upon request.  Anyone with programming experience in the above described areas is invited to bid.


Please distribute to any interested programmers.

Thank You,

Dave Godar, P.E.


(618) 576-2342

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