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Meeting this Morning

Started by Jonathan Birch, 2004-03-17T11:51:39-06:00 (Wednesday)

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Jonathan Birch

Wasn't there supposed to be a meeting this morning (3-17)?

In the last meeting (2-25) it was said that the next would be on the first Wedensday after break, but almost no one showed up this morning and so no meeting took place.

There weren't any flyers, and there wasn't a notice on the site, so I'm not sure if this was rescheduled or if everyone just forgot.


it seems like CAOS should consider changing its name to CHAOS

there's an idea for the next poll


What would that stand for?

Computer Hardware association of SIUE?
Computer Help association of SIUE?
Computer Hazzards Association of SIUE?

Retired webmaster of CAOS.

Peter Motyka

How about,

Can't Hold An Organized Session


Sorry I could not make it there this morning.  Airfare from Denver was a bit too expensive this time around :P
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weren't we supposed to discuss playign lazer tag this saturdya night?

Jonathan Birch

That was the idea.

As things are, an attempt at a new meeting next week to discuss this seems like the best option.

Do any of the officers want to comment on this?


Sorry about the confusion everyone. We have been having mailing list problems on the officers list and there has not been a great deal of communication among everyone as of late. Not to mention the fact most of the officers have been playing "catch-up" all week after slacking off during Spring Break.

We are going to have a meeting next Wednesday, at the same time it would have been next week. I will make sure Chris gets some flyer put up, and I will attempt to see if our treasurer is still alive (I have not heard from him since he disappeared shortly before our last meeting). In the meantime, I am going to call the Laser Tag place and get a price quote, and attempt to get the ball rolling on everything else we spoke about.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Justin Thiel

Elizabeth Weber

You did know that it really used to be CHAOS (Computer Hackers Association of SIUE) but with the negative connotations of the word 'hackers' the name was changed to the current mispelled acronym.

I'm not sure if the originators of the group's name truly appreciated it's appropriateness (though I think the chaos of CAOS has been a LONG standing tradition).
~Elizabeth Weber

Elizabeth Weber

Lazerforce will be having a College Night on April 23, college students get buy one get one free laser tag with a valid ID.  Though this IS a Friday night and may be further in the future than you were looking for an event, if you like laser tag, you may want to mark your calendars.
~Elizabeth Weber