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LAN party 4/3

Started by Bryan, 2004-03-24T14:50:21-06:00 (Wednesday)

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Alright guys I got the info.  This morning (3/24) I mentioned that my parents were going out of town and thus could have a LAN at my place.  I checked with them and they said it was alright. I've got a list of things we'll need in order to pull this off.

Lan Cables-ranging from 5-25' All of mine have been used or wandered off

Extension Cables- house is kind of old we'll have to be careful to use different circuits

Surge Protectors - all of mine are in use
Hub/Switch - I have one wireless router we can hook into to use as a DHCP server however we'll need something larger to support more users, 1 large switch should do the trick

Tables - All I have are card tables so we'll need somethign more sturdy.

I'm volunteering at a shelter that morning so I'll need some help getting my basement rearranged that evening 1 or 2 people should be able to handle it.  If I could get a couple of people to volunteer to help clean up the next morning that would be great as well.

Another thing all jokes aside no alcohol, my parents one stipulation.  I told them it won't be a problem if it is I don't have to volunteer my house :-P  I can get directions out once it gets closer to the day.  My house is fairly easy to get to its only about 3.2 miles from the campus.  If anyone that is SERIOUSLY interested in this please contact me via email Bryan@HCIunderground.com  More details to come I'll check the forums for more info and eventually I'll compile a list of games I have available we can play (you guys could do the same)

Any questions email me.


Return to Castle Wolfenstien
Enemy Territory
Quake 3
Unreal Tournament
Unreal 2003
Unreal Tournament 2004
Warcraft 3
Diablo 2
Call of Duty
Battlefield 1942 and expansions
Shadowbane (ugggh NO!)
Lineage 2 beta (if anyone wants to try it out)

These are a list of the games that I have easy access to.  People are welcome to suggest however I get the impression we'll be playing mostly FPS which is fiiine by me.  Feel free to add any games you might have available.

Elizabeth Weber

Sounds like a good idea.
Hosting off-campus avoids a lot of legal issues
AND gives people a chance to show off their set-up.

CAOS actually has a handful of games as well,
though they're by no means cutting-edge.
I'd have to physically look at them to give any titles though.

(I know I could certainly go for a UT fix)
~Elizabeth Weber


Enemy Territory is one of my favorites can you do a local host with that one? Never tried too. Starcraft is way cool but having played in a year or so.
Josh Cunningham
"I am a hunter of peace..."--Vash, Trigun......


yes Enemy Territory is easy to set up I've got a few sets of configs layin around.  I've been hooked on UT2k4 for the past week or so the game is unbelievable and the vehicles fucking rock.


I'd be interested in that. How many people are you willing to host?


Well if we all want to stay in the one big family room in my basement I have room for.. 15-20 however we have more room throughout the house and thats perfectly ok to use.  Really there is no cap but I must ask one favor.


I need to know how many people to plan for. THANKS! my email is Bryan@HCIunderground.com


just an update, I'm not gonna have this unless we have at least 10 guys comin.  Too much hastle for just a few.  Right now I've got about 6 or so.  You know the drill RSVP


hey El Presidento Justin, could you email me or drop me with a way to contact you. Wanted to talk to you about Saturday.

For anyone interested in coming please email me.

Elizabeth Weber

Quotehey El Presidento Justin,
Actually, it's El Presidente
~Elizabeth Weber


Due to complete lack of interest lan party is canceled.