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Job Opportunity: HCI Specialist

Started by Jerry, 2004-07-14T10:30:00-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Below is a job listing I was asked to post.

The company practices Participatory Design methods that are taught in CS 321. So if you did well in CS 321 you might consider applying.

The job listing indicates that a Masters Degree is perferred but from personal communication they are willing to consider talentad Bachelor's Degree who are just beginning.


Perficient, Inc., a leading consultancy providing eBusiness solutions to Global 3000 companies, is currently seeking ~2 Business Analyst/Usability Consultants with strong usability and user interface design/information architecture skills for its St. Louis, MO office.  At Perficient, the roles of Business Analysis and Usability Consultant are combined into one role.  Successful candidates possess both traditional business analysis skills AND usability/Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) skills.

Business Analyst/Usability Consultants work typically in a team environment with project managers, client teams, and technical teams to develop/analyze high-level and detailed requirements for designated projects.  They participate in or facilitate usability and user-interface design/information architecture activities and techniques, including such things as contextual inquiry sessions for gathering/analyzing user requirements; low-, medium-, and high-fidelity prototyping; iterative formative usability testing and design sessions; competitor and benchmark (summative) usability testing; analyzing, reporting, and presenting results, heuristic evaluations, cognitive walkthroughs, field studies and so forth.  

In addition to user requirements, BA/UCs should also be able to gather/analyze business requirements and rules, and be able to make intelligent recommendations/decisions when merging business, user, and technical requirements.  They should be able to translate requirements into design.  They often participate in the full design/development lifecycle of solutions.  
These consultants should have from 2+ to 4+ years of experience in a working environment, preferably in a consulting environment, BEYOND the experience acquired in internships and part-time employment while at school.  They should have skills in:
â€Ã,¢   Business analysis, such as business, technical, and user requirements gathering/analysis/documentation and system/component test planning/execution.
â€Ã,¢   Usability engineering principles/concepts and techniques.  Knowing when and how to engage users in a development process that interweaves user input/feedback techniques throughout the lifecycle of the project.
â€Ã,¢   User-interface architecture and design/information architecture
â€Ã,¢   Working as a member of a project team delivering technical solutions, as well as independently.
â€Ã,¢   Understanding of the technical feasibility of design choices.

The ideal candidate would possess the following qualifications:
â€Ã,¢   Masters or higher degree in psychology, human factors or related HCI discipline, computer science, or demonstrated proficiency and experience in the field of usability/human factors/HCI and user-interface design/information architecture.
â€Ã,¢   Or, MBA, or demonstrated proficiency and experience in business analysis, project management, etc.
â€Ã,¢   Excellent team player
â€Ã,¢   Excellent written and verbal communications skills and analytical skills.
â€Ã,¢   Willingness to travel (mandatory).  (Travel is not 100% and is not consistent.  Some engagements require it and some do not.)

Perficient offers a competitive salary and benefits package, a great work environment, and excellent opportunities for growth and career development.

Unfortunately, relocation expenses are not available.

About Perficient:  Perficient is an end-to-end solutions provider and the architect of the Enabled Enterprise, a solutions approach that helps clients acquire and strengthen customer relationships, reduce costs and empower employees.  Perficient has more than 320 full-time professionals working in Solutions Centers throughout the Central US and in Canada.  These include St. Louis, Chicago, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Toronto, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Austin.  Perficient’s partner network encompasses the world’s leading software and service vendors, including IBM, TIBCO, Vignette, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems. For more information, please visit http://www.perficient.com

Perficient is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  

Must have a valid H-1B visa or permanent resident status (green card).

Please send your letter and resume to:



Charlotte Schwendeman
Perficient, Inc.
Director, User-Centered Approach and Usability
622 Emerson Road, Suite 400
St. Louis, MO 63141

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