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Professor Gregory

Started by Jonathan Birch, 2004-08-25T22:56:14-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Jonathan Birch

So, Professor Gregory's classes have all been reassigned.

My understanding is that this was done because he suddenly left SIUE to work for Boeing, but this is derived mostly from hearsay. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of what actually happened?

Also, what effect will this have on the classes he was supposed to teach? I've noticed that my ECE 483 lab no longer has a time slot, but I'm not sure if that's related.


Yep, Adam Gregory did take a job outside of SIUE. I don't know the details about the job.

I haven't heard anything about changes to the ECE 483 lab. I do know that the ECE Dept. is looking at making changes to the content of ECE 483.
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He now works at Boeing on the F/A-18.

Geoff Schreiber

Maybe they'll offer an evening slot for the class and lab in the Spring and I can be DONE with all my major requirements then!
Geoff Schreiber
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