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How to Ask Questions the Smart Way

Started by Chris Swingler, 2004-09-08T10:35:38-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Chris Swingler

All of us here in the CAOS forums are here to help.  However, as of late, we've been having trouble accomplishing that thanks to very vague questions.  If we don't know what's wrong, we can't fix it or offer you help.  Therefore, I bring you this link:

"How to Ask Questions the Smart Way" by Eric Steven Raymond

Though this guide is more focused toward Usenet or mailing lists, it still applies here.

Now, note that I'm not calling anyone stupid.  I'm just saying that a few of us have problems asking questions :roll:.  Follow this guide, and we'll all be happier and be more able to answer your questions.

This is being added to the CS Knowledge Base in the Website section here.  Thanks to some XOOPS hiccups, it's a little screwy at the moment, but will hopefully clear up in a few minutes.
Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator