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SIUE hacked any info?

Started by Guest, 2004-08-11T17:59:26-05:00 (Wednesday)

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I think the Alestle needs a few good letters to the editor from those who know how ridiculus this situation is.  Does anyone think the students responisible should goto the Alestle as well? I think anyone who has an opinion on this should write a letter/email to the Alestle.


i think going to the alestle is a good idea, it will be a chance for every one to see what relly happened, hear the facts, (unlike what you read in all the papers/nightly news) and then make their own decision on who the ones at fault are.   i think  if it is done properly it could very well help people at the university laying down the law (although it isn't relly law,(if this was law the case wouldn't stand a chance) it is "university policy" in the "student conduct code" and it is written in such a way that the university can justify any charge it feels like, despite the facts)..any way, the people laying down the law would have a chance to hear the other side from he media, hopefully showing them that there is another side to this, helping to dispel any misconceptions they may have.  I do think it should wait untill the other 2 (who were merly in the apartment when this happened) find out if the university feels they are guilty of "computer misconduct" or not.

so yes, i think going to the alestle is a good idea
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Parts of my story (Link) were used in today’s(9-2-2004) Alestle under the heading â€Ã...“Students voice opinions on hacking charges.â€Ã,  There are a number of factual errors in this article.  This does not make it unusual in technology reporting, but I will mention the ones I caught here.  

1. Cory Freeman called and asked me if I was an â€Ã...“Instructor.â€Ã,  I said no but that did not deter him from calling me one in the paper.  I suspect that it makes his story better if I am an instructor as opposed to a Graduate Student.

2. As far as anyone has told me no formal charges have been made against the â€Ã...“Hackersâ€Ã, so the title of the story is a little off.

3. In Paragraph 7 the quote (from the website) should read â€Ã...“discovered an Anonymous FTP server. Since these are typically used by OIT to distribute software and data to the public.â€Ã,  Instead, it reads â€Ã...“discovered a server typically used to â€Ã,¦ distribute software to the publicâ€Ã,.  Changing the subject from Anonymous FTP Servers to â€Ã...“serverâ€Ã, makes it sound like OIT put the data on a server that distributes data to the public.   This is not the case as, far as I know.  Instead the server/virus/whatever used the FTP protocol.  Protocols and servers are not the same thing and OIT runs many servers with many different protocols.

4. Most people call me â€Ã...“Andrewâ€Ã, (Thus the name EvilAndrew) not Robert.  However, since I was misquoted, I guess I don’t mind if they got my name wrong too.

Had I known that the Alestle was going to run an article that was more then half Quotes from my post on this website, I would have polished the story and sent it to them to use verbatim.

Peter Motyka

Is this article published on the internet anywhere?  I could not find it at thealstle.com.
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Looks like the Alstle website is an edition behind their current issue.

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Does anyone know where Mike Grim (the student mentioned in the story) got his information about the virus?


...so that was an interesting article,  its too bad that there wasn't actually more meat to the story...  
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i doubt the author of the story actully knows the charges in question, but they have all been charged with "computer misconduct"


Leave it to Andy to confuse the poor reporter... I am suprised they only made a couple mistakes...