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SPSS in a campus computer lab

Started by Guest, 2004-08-18T15:53:42-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Is there any computer lab with SPSS running on its machines?  Or any computer lab with a machine that I could install the Student Version of SPSS onto?  

SPSS is a statistics-type program.  


I used to be a computer lab administrator in building 3 (alumni hall now?) and I think the 1st floor lab (PC side, not MacInTrash) had it installed back when I worked there...


Yep, the Pschology Department in Alumni Hall does have licenses for SPSS. Though I don't know if they have access restrictions to their labs.

If you need it for a  Computer Science project and you have a legal licenses it can be install in the CS Dept.'s Projects Lab. You would need to contact Andrew Lamonica or Greg Bartholomew about this.
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nope, i'm a new graduate student in Communications at the university.  

the course im taking is, appropriately, titled Intro to SPSS.  

i'll try alumni hall/founder's bldg.  

Thanks all.