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Job Op: HCI and Interface Development

Started by Jerry, 2004-09-12T13:04:36-05:00 (Sunday)

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Occasionally I get requests from employers looking for specific recommendations. Here is one below.

If you are interested and think you fit the bill AND did well in CS 321 and CS 275. Send me an email and I'll decide if I want to forward your name as a recommendation.

Jerry Weinberg


My employer (Elsevier) in need of a contractor, likely for the next few months with the possibility of a longer contract or full position, depending on how things go. I thought you might know a recent graduate from SIUE who fits the bill.

We are looking for someone who is junior-to-mid level and would be able to help us out with prototyping and UI specification writing.  Relevant skills would be HTML, ASP (VBScript), and good writing/communication skills. The candidate would have some guidance from our UCD team and would attend meetings with developers, testers, and internal stakeholders to review the UI specifications. They may also help prepare for Usability Testing by prototyping new features and formulating / proposing Usability Questions.

If you know of anyone who fits the bill, let me know, or feel free to pass this along.

Thanks and hope all is well.
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I think I'm a little too busy for this now  :-(
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