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Printing in 2nd floor EB

Started by Matthew Thomas, 2004-08-26T09:07:15-05:00 (Thursday)

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Matthew Thomas

Something I've noticed, and just haven't said anything about, is that the printing policy in the engineering building is really messed up.

On the first floor, we have an account, and can print up to 10 dollars a semester. However, if you go to the second floor, you need a print card, and the closest place to get one is the library, which is half-way across campus. How screwed up is this?

So, my point is: If it is possible to give us a balance in one lab, why can't we have access to it in all labs in the EB?
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R. Andrew Lamonica

The reason for widely varying print policies in the Engineering building is that each lab is run by a different department or organization. For example, students who pay fees to the CS department (are taking a CS class) are given $10.00 of print money from those fees.  This money can only apply to labs run by CS, however, because those are the only labs in which the ink and paper are paid for by CS.  EE has a similar policy for their labs.  On the other hand, the â€Ã...“Open Labsâ€Ã, are run by Academic computing.  These labs use the same system that all Academic computer labs use (a card system).  

If you do not want to walk all the way to the library to get your print card recharged, there is a card machine in the lab in Bluff Hall.  I believe you can get to this machine without going past the front desk so you need not live there to use it.


How do I get my account reset for another 10 bucks for this new year?  (It still shows $0.00)


R. Andrew Lamonica

1. You must be enrolled in a CS class.
2. You must visit http://www.cs.siue.edu/csd
3. Use your SOENT account to log in to the site.
4. (optional) Hit the little refresh button on the Yellow Print Quota box to see you current quota.

Visiting the site puts money in the account once a semester.  This means that to print you must visit this site once a semester.  For many people this is not a problem because this site is the same site that people use to get to their drop-boxes and download software from the MSDNAA.