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Free Software, Computer Labs, Printing, and more (F.A.Q.)

Started by R. Andrew Lamonica, 2004-08-30T15:43:44-05:00 (Monday)

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R. Andrew Lamonica

The beginning of the semester always brings with it a deluge of questions for the CS Tech. Group.  Most of these questions are variations on the same half dozen or so.  To help stem the tide I am posting the answers to these questions.  

1. How do I get an account for the Engineering building computers?
   You must contact Phil Busey (eb2027) to get a SOENT account.  You will need a student ID.  You should login to a lab computer immediately after getting your account to change your password.  No off-campus services will work until you do this.

2. What computers are available to CS students?
Open Labs:
0013 - (Open when classes are not using it)
2025 - (Open during the day)
2026 - (Open when classes are not using it)
CS Student Labs:
1036 â€ââ,¬Å" CS Tutor Lab (Open during Tutor Hours)
2024 â€ââ,¬Å" CS Network Lab (Linux computers for Networking Class students)
2029 â€ââ,¬Å" CS Senior Project Lab (Available to seniors and Grad Students any time)
3048 â€ââ,¬Å" CS HCI Lab (Open to students in cs321, cs425, and cs499)
0015b â€ââ,¬Å" CS & ECE Graduate Assistant Lab (Open to CS Graduate assistants)

3. How do I get my SOENT account to work on CS Lab computers?
   You must log into the website http://www.cs.siue.edu/csd once and answer the two questions it asks.

4. How do I get money on my print account?
   If you are enrolled in a CS class (and paid a lab fee) you will get money on your account the first time you log into http://www.cs.siue.edu/csd each semester.

5. How do I get free software from Microsoft?
   If you are enrolled in a CS class, you can access the ELMS download site and take advantage of our MSDNAA subscription by clicking on the MSDNAA link on the http://www.cs.siue.edu/csd page.

6. How do I get to the drop-box for my class?
   With the exception of classes taught by Dr. Waxman, you can get to your drop-box by visiting http://www.cs.siue.edu/csd and clicking on the class’s number on the left-hand side of the screen.  If your class does not appear in this menu and you have been enrolled for more then a day then please contact Andrew Lamonica (x2398).

7. How do I access my files from off-campus?
   There are detailed instructions for accessing your z-drive posted on the http://engineer.siue.edu/ page.  Some servers cannot be accessed from off-campus.  If you are unsure how to access a specific server you should ask your teacher or contact Andrew Lamonica (x2398).