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How many MP3's do you have?

Started by Tyler, 2004-09-09T17:28:05-05:00 (Thursday)

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I was just wondering, with all of us being computer nerds, just how many mp3's people have?  And does anybody actually pay for them?  Hope the RIAA isn't checking this!
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Kade P. Cole

My iTunes and iPod have 5217 songs that are 19.42 GB in size and that is over 14.5 days worth of Music. Of course I have paid for it all!

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bill corcoran

well, most of my music is actually encoded in ogg vorbis format.  a smaller portion is in mp3 and aac.  anyway, itunes reports:
3080 songs, 6.3 days, 11.48 GB
_somebody_ paid for all of my music.  i paid for most of it.  some of it was from gifts.  and some, well...


I feel so inadequate now.  I only have 1433, 3.8 days, 5.38Gb, all downloaded "illegally".
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Chris Swingler

XMMS reports 3,137 songs, from Alice Cooper to ZZ Top.  It reports 183:44:47 total.  That's over 7 days of music. :-D  Much of it is my own CDs, my dad's CDs, and some is stuff I got from other people (props to Bill).  Little is fully illegal downloads from p2p, IRC, and the like.

And for fun, let's extend this thread to something absolutely useless; that we did once on another forum (the SomethingAwful forums)

Set your player on Shuffle, and put the first 10 songs played down in the thread.

1.  James Brown - Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine
2.  Frank Zappa - Stink Foot
3.  Dropkick Murphys - Watch Your Back
4.  Catch 22 - Sounds Good, But I Don't Know
5.  Mad Caddies - Road Rash
6.  Supertramp - Rudy
7.  The Beatles - Savoy Truffle
8.  The Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money
9.  Bob Dylan - I Was Young When I Left Home
10. The Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock and Roll

And check out Audioscrobbler, if you like telling the world useless information like the above. :)  You can check out my page (which is empty at the moment) here
Christopher Swingler
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Spin Doctors - Little Miss can't be wrong
Air Supply - I'm all out of love
Creed - My sacrifice
James Horner - Meet Joe Black Soundtrack
Maroon 5 - Through with you
Extreme - Play with Me
Manheim Steamroller - God Rest Ye merry gentlemen
Reel Big Fish - Everything Sucks
Blink 182 - The party song
Lynard Skynard - Sweet home alabama

What I find funny, is that I have only listened to maybe half of my songs at least once.  The rest I have never even heard once.
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bill corcoran

im not a loser - descendents
used cars - screeching weasel
Lost - Strung Out
Trust Your Mechanic - Dead Kennedys
to awake and avenge the dead - thrice
Fuck The Kids - NOFX
I Want To Conquer The World - Bad Religion
Battlescars - Ozma
Just Look Around - Sick of it all
Same old story - Pennywise