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The End of The World Wide Web? Intel says it may happen.

Started by Tyler, 2004-09-15T09:30:04-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Intel thinks we're starting to run into some serious "architectural limitations" with the web right now.  Cisco, AT&T, and HP are all working towards smashing down (or at least avoiding) the brick wall of hardware, software, and bandwidth limitations.

Full story http://www.forbes.com/execpicks/feeds/general/2004/09/10/generalcomtex_2004_09_10_ir_0000-5884-KEYWORD.Missing.html">here
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Oh well.  From what it sounds like from the little article there will still be an internet connecting the world just in a different way. 8-)

Brad Nunnally

I am been thinking how big the internet has been for a couple of years now. Even a couple of years ago I figured that the internet was getting too big with whats out there now. Maybe something new wouldn't be so bad, things might be easier to find and traverse. I don't just my opinion, worth about two cents.

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