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CAOS Forum Problems

Started by Jerry, 2004-10-18T10:48:38-05:00 (Monday)

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Ok, is it just me or are other people having trouble posting replies?

On some threads I go to post a reply, but there is no reply button. Instead there is a link stating "Register to reply". Even though I'm alread logged in!

What's even stranger is that I'm listed as an administrator  :-?

So, anyone else having this problem?
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Jonathan Birch

I've noticed the same issue. It seems to clear up if you just reenter the page somehow. Switching from flat to threaded view and back seems to work, for instance.


it's not a bug, it's a feature?
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At least I can reply to my own thread :-P
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William Grim

I've been fortunate and have never had these problems for the times I can recall.

However, in my honest opinion, I think XOOPS (the software running the CAOS website) is horrible.  I think we should dump XOOPS in favor of some other content management system (CMS), such as postnuke, phpbb, or (can't remember last one right now... I'll update later when I find it).

The only problem with switching the software is that there is a good chance we will lose all our old posts and account information.  However, there is also a chance that I can actually get around to writing a conversion program to transfer XOOPS database information to another CMS.
William Grim
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Elizabeth Weber

Could you at least preserve an "archive" of the old posts?
~Elizabeth Weber

Chris Swingler

I've had problems replying too, as of late.  I'm going to do some poking about when I have time--I think it's only accross certain forums/threads that this problem occurs.  I have no idea what's up, but I'd like to second Mike's request to switch over to something else.

We could keep this XOOPS forum up, but locked, and run it as an archive (for the curious).  Anything very important (FAQs, the Knowledge Base, etc) could be moved over to its equivelant in a new forum.

Is it just me, or does XOOPS seem a little slow?  I'm pretty sure it's not bandwidth...

Speaking of "...", I'm also baffled as to why everyone had that appended to their signatures.

EDIT:  We appear to be a couple of revisions behind.  johnpaul, do you want to handle the update, or do you want me to?

EDIT2:  It seems any of the forums that don't allow Anonymous Posting are blocking out certain users from replies (like myself and Jerry).  The quick fix would be to just open all the forums up to anonymous posts; but that would have to be a decision all of the moderators would have to make.  (I can't see a real reason why not, we don't have a problem with trolling on our tiny forum).  It also took three refreshes before my EDIT button showed up.  This forum is screwed up. :pt:
Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator

John Paul

Hi chirs,
        If you have time please go ahead. You have all the permissions I guess. If you are busy let me know, I will do that over the weekend.


Elizabeth Weber

I think at least part of the reason for not allowing the anonymity was because encouraging people to create memberships on the forum helps give the officers a number to use for reporting the number of members in CAOS to the ACM at the end of the year.  Though it isn't completely accurate, it's better than trying to keep track of meeting attendances or just guessing.

I noticed the "..." thing too and tried to be rid of it as well.  No dice, but no biggie.  Tyler's sig creatively hides it ;).

What bothered me was the inability to put in a pseudo email address such as "something AT xyz DOT com".  I know it used to allow that, but apparently not anymore.  I prefer to share my address in a form that isn't so easy to bot grab and spam.

The updates may fix some of the problems.  Here's hoping.
~Elizabeth Weber


Hmm. I guess I better find all the files that I modified so I can update them to the new version. I will do that tomorrow, it's getting late. Now I just need to remember which Hard Drive they are on. Things get moved around a lot, especially since I am redoing my Root and files partitions in Reiser4. :D The Reiser4 benchmarks look sweet. *coughbetterthananyBSDcough*
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William Grim


.... if you say so, with your lack of evidence and all ....

Anyway, I'll show you DragonFly BSD when I'm running a single-system-image on several computers, including a global file system with redundancy... all natively built into the kernel and OS.  Mmmm, I smell thesis work coming on....

DragonFly BSD Site

I wish we could mod posts as (-1, flamebait).
William Grim
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Chris Swingler

QuoteStiffler said...
I guess I better find all the files that I modified so I can update them to the new version.

Email them to me as soon as you can; and send johnpaul a copy too.  Last time I updated XOOPS, I didn't know you had changed anything, so any changes you may have made probably got overwritten.  That could explain some of the problems we're having (though the last update fixed some other, more serious problems).

QuoteStiffler continued with this flamebait...
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Quotewgrim said...
I wish we could mod posts as (-1, flamebait).

How about probationary periods?  Then again, we don't have that many problems with flamewars around here.
Christopher Swingler
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