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CAOS site improvement

Started by Elizabeth Weber, 2002-09-10T05:34:44-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Elizabeth Weber

Hey out there ...

See this beautiful site we have here?
Wanna make it better?

It takes a lot of work to maintain this site,
and we can always use  more help.  We are looking for people who are interested in contributing to website development, offering opinions/kudos/criticisms, and maybe even eventually taking over as site admin ...

So, if you've got an opinion, voice it ...
If you've got some skill, put it to use ...
If you need to practice, here's your chance ...
If you're hankerin' to learn more about web development, let us teach you ...

If you're interested and don't want to post, feel free to email me at president@caos.siue.edu
~Elizabeth Weber


Yes, I am a Senior, and will not be around forever like Van Wilder. :-(  I will need a replacement for next fall, so I need to start teching people the inner workings of this site. Yes, it is a thankless job, but it's great. It will prepare you to Admin a website with a lot more users (10,000). You start small with currently 46 members. Okay, maybe it's not that thankless. I have a flare for the dramatic. I'm so excited, version 3.1 will be out soon, which will be very nice. I'll see if I can get a feature list of it posted. Don't worry, I will take the neseccary precautions, so we do not have another Cyberstorm topic incident.  :-)


Michael Kennedy

I might be interested.  I'm working on a personal site with my cousin and a work one that will have around 150 users- both done from scratch.  It's tough to know what I'll be up to in a year, but keep me in mind.  I might load this XOOPS thing on a personal server and take a look at it in the mean time.  Let me know when the time for you to "retire" comes closer.  :)
"If it ain't busted, don't fix it" is a very sound principal and remains so despite the fact that I have slavishly ignored it all my life. --Douglas Adams, "Salmon of Doubt"

Elizabeth Weber

There will be a website development/critique meeting

Friday, Sept. 20th
11am - noon (ish)
EB 2029.

Please come and give your opinions on what could be improved with the website:
ideas, suggestions, good points, bad points - all opinions are welcome and encouraged.
~Elizabeth Weber


How about just making the website easier to find/better known?

Having a super-duper website is meaningless if people can't find it.  
(It's nearly impossible find a link to caos.siue.edu from: www.siue.edu (where it's listed under student-organizations, but no link is provided), or cs.siue.edu (none that I could see), or tofu.cs.siue.edu (the #1 search result you get when you do a search for "CAOS").

It's not exactly the easiest-to-find website to begin with...
Maybe some "advertising" and publicity for caos.siue.edu might be helpful!  
Just a thought.

Peter Motyka

I patched up the search result to redirect to this page.  You are right though, we should submit this url to the main siue.edu page to add the link.

Thanks for pointing out the search hit issue.

SIUE CS Alumni 2002
Grad Student, Regis University
Senior Engineer, Ping Identity

William Grim

Aye, I did a search on google before and didn't think I found it, but maybe I didn't look hard enough.

I agree though that we should get more publicity out; it would help us out a lot.  What about when we choose our logo we get one of the print companies to make a nice poster that says something like "caos.siue.edu", with "#caos on IRC" below it or something like that?

Just a couple thoughts.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley