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Bill Gates gets 4 million emails A DAY!!!

Started by Tyler, 2004-11-18T10:42:33-06:00 (Thursday)

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You think you get a lot of spam?  According to a story at

(I would post a normal link but the forum won't let me?)

Billy G gets roughly 4 million emails a day, mostly spam.  And don't think he goes through it all himself, he has a secretarial team that sifts through them all, talk about an exciting job!

This equates to roughly 50 emails a second.

Good thing he doesn't have a hotmail account, or else he would be over his limit in under a minute (give or take).

Along these lines, how many junk emails do you get a day, and what sort of actions do you take to combat it?
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Michael Kennedy

same as him.  i have a secretarial team.

if he were smart he'd use spamassassin like the rest of us and be rid of 99.9% of all that.
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I'm not too bad on spam right now, but my server runs some antispam software of some sort (I'm not sure which one it is) and that tags it so when I pull it down it goes into another folder.  Normally it's pretty accurate.

I think you end up with much more spam when you have your own domain and especially when you have a catchall email address.

I actually have a certain address I use when I sign up for free stuff or when I know it will be posted, and this is automatically filtered to this folder (Outlook rules are good sometimes).

My boss gets about 300 spams a day.  He uses spam assassin and from what I know it is quite accurate.  Then again he does have the catchall, 13 domains, and his email address plastered all over the web.
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