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Do-It-Yourself Digital Picture Frame

Started by Elizabeth Weber, 2002-09-10T11:06:42-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Elizabeth Weber

Got an old laptop gathering dust?
You could have your very own personal digital picture frame...

~Elizabeth Weber

Michael Kennedy

Well, I now have another idea to try if my "laptop car mp3 player" doesn't pan out.  :)
"If it ain't busted, don't fix it" is a very sound principal and remains so despite the fact that I have slavishly ignored it all my life. --Douglas Adams, "Salmon of Doubt"


Nice Post!

I really wanted to make a digital picture frame out of my old laptop, I also found another cool DIY place:


Although your post it's really helpful for my  digital frame project, I don't have the patience so I decided to buy one, through some research I found  one at www.edgetechcorp.com,  I got the  <a href="http://www.edgetechcorp.com/accessories/digital-picture-frame.asp" title="Digital Frame">Digital Frame</a> delivered last week,  great device and a sleek style. SC

Gregory Bartholomew

strange, I got "page not found" unless I took the trailing "index.html" off the link.



If you guys are interested, I built one myself. I recently added a couple of buttons for forward and backward navigation (easier said than done) and I also wasted my spring break forming some scripts to add new features like allowing you to email photos to your frame to automatically be displayed. If you're interested, check it out:


And it's interesting seeing how close you guys are after a simple google search. I'm in St. Louis.  :wink: