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Events @ Boeing

Started by Elizabeth Weber, 2004-11-30T11:26:44-06:00 (Tuesday)

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Elizabeth Weber

I know everyone is probably busy with final projects and holiday recovery, but I wanted to let everyone know that there are some interesting events going on at Boeing this week that are open to attendance by non-boeing employees.

TOMORROW, Wed. Dec. 1  4:30 - 6:30 pm
Building 100 Auditorium
Career Panel Discussion

Panelists include: Jim Young, chief engineer, Naval Systems and St. Louis site; Bob Krieger, president, Phantom Works; Raymond Cosner, senior technical fellow and director, Technology, IDS; and Dr. Richard Pinckert, director, design and manufacturing for Engineering.

"Non-Boeing people need to come in at the Airport Road gate which is about a block west of I-170.  Tell the guard you are there for the AIAA meeting that starts at 4:30 in the Building 100 Auditorium.  Tell the guard in the building as you go in and he will give you a name tag.  Go through the double doors and turn left and go all the way back.  
We ask that all non-Boeing folks go straight to the meeting and not sight-see inside the building with the exception of the Prologue room, which you may find very interesting."

Thurs. Dec. 2  4:30 - 6:30 pm
Building 102 Room 131
Bob Hilker will present â€Ã...“Status of Recent Updates to the Boeing St. Louis Polysonic Wind Tunnel and Facility Tour.â€Ã,
[Read: wind tunnel tour]

If you want to go to this one, I need your name and nationality by 9 am tomorrow in order to inform security.  Either reply to this thread or email my address @boeing.com  : Elizabeth.M.Weber
All other instructions from above would apply.
For this one though, you'll want to exit I-170 on Airport Road but go past the gate on Airport Road.  Make a right around the Boeing complex onto McDonnell Blvd.  Just after you pass under the overhead tunnel walkway, there's a gate on the right.  Don't go to the guard gate immediately in front of you, instead, make a sharp left and use that guard gate.  Same instructions, make chit-chat with the guard.  After you answer all his questions properly, building 102 will be on your right.

I was unable to post the flyers, I will try to pass them on to someone else to post.
~Elizabeth Weber