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Weird Monitor Wavy Thingie

Started by Guest, 2002-09-10T23:30:00-05:00 (Tuesday)

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We need to establish a forum solely for computer hardware questions.


I've noticed that my computer monitor (a cheapo CTX) has a weird wave effect over the entire thing.  It's not like a low-refresh-rate flicker, it's more like a magnetic-field-is-nearby wave.  It seems to go toward the lower left corner of the screen.  

Has anyone else seen this problem, or know how to fix it?



Victor Cardona

Does your monitor have a button to degauss the screen? It is sometimes labeled "reset". I don't know if this will solve your problem but it just might help.


Ryan Lintker

I've had problems with monitors going on the fritz when they share an electrical circuit with a high draw appliance such as a microwave or a refrigerator.  Am I imagining things when I think that these power fluctuations that occur when these kick on can damage delicate monitor parts?  Would using a battery backup help even out the power flow to the monitor?
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William Grim

One word to describe your problems: "Aliens".
William Grim
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Chris Swingler

Quotewgrim wrote:
One word to describe your problems: "Aliens".

Sure!  They're little tiny aliens.  They live in my NES and SNES and crawl out through the unused expansion ports and into my monitor.

Ummm.... yeah...


I don't have a specific Degauss function on my monitor, but it does degauss whenever I shut it off and turn it on.  That doesn't help.  It's not my fridge, I unplugged it for a sec, and it didn't help.  It's not my reciever, my printer, or anything else.  It's not my tower either.  I'm stumped.

I remember a friend of mine back home had a similar problem with his monitor (an expensive LG) in his basement.  I brought my monitor to his house, and put it down there and had the same symptoms as him.  He used something, I forget what it was called, something like RefreshLock to alliveiate.  (That was, until he got a flat panel.)

If anyone knows what I'm talking about, drop me a line.

Christopher Swingler
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Are you sure it's not your computer case being to close to your monitor?

EB has some Magnetic feild detectors. We could always fond the source to the problem with those.

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Michael Kennedy

Other suggestions:

Any fans, magnets, phones, or other pulsating items near the monitor?  Sometimes it can surprise you.  It's move evey object farther away from the monitor and see if it goes away.  Also, the monitor could just be dying- try another one in it's place and see if the problem persists- after you try to move the little stuff first.
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You wouldn't happen to have a set of huge speakers / subwoofer nearby, would you?
They can affect your monitor even when they're unplugged.