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Will the Internet suddenly get faster?

Started by EvilAndrew, 2004-12-19T23:55:15-06:00 (Sunday)

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I have read that the bittorrent protocol is responsible for 35% of the Internet’s used bandwidth.  I have also seen news stories stating that bittorrent is really only good fore piracy (I’m not sure I believe these but I will grant that the protocol is often used for piracy).  Then, today, I see a slashdot.org story stating that some major pirate-media .torrent distribution sites have been shut down.   My question is, do these three things mean that the bandwidth usage of the Internet will take a percentage drop?  

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Brad Nunnally

I thing perhaps for atleast a certain amount of time. Then something else will pop up to replace .torrents and the all the bandwidth will just switch to that. So goes the circle of file sharing, once one thing get shut down, something else pops up to replace it.

Brad Nunnally

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All I could ever hope for is that the internet will not go down all the time for no reason in Cougar Village.
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