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Did I miss something?

Started by Victor Cardona, 2002-09-11T00:13:22-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Victor Cardona

We forgot to put the Student-Faculty Mixer on the event calendar. Dr. Weinberg was nice enough to post a copy of the flyer in the image gallery, but it was never announced anywhere else :-(


Peter Motyka


The Faculty/Student Mixer flyer that Dr. Weignberg posted was the first CAOS flyer ever made. I too thought it was an event of this semester. Personally, I think we need to resurect the eye with feet in future flyers :)

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Ryan Lintker

Eye think so too.

Do you think the eye is copyrighted or belongs to someone?  I'd hate to just use it if it is someone's original work.
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Victor Cardona

That is so wierd. The date matched and everything.

My bad.