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Students arrested for Cyber Bullying

Started by Tyler, 2005-01-07T09:45:46-06:00 (Friday)

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I guess it only makes sense, with defamation of character lawsuits and such, but 3 students in Louisiana were arrested for Cyber Bullying.  I guess the main thing is that one clique created a website, queer.com, and another clique created a website, thepreps.com, where they just bashed each other.

Full story http://www.wafb.com/global/story.asp?s=2774728&ClientType=Printable">here

I think this is a big deal and setting a big precident.  People for awhile have been hiding behind websites, aim, email, etc, to protect themselves.  But, if people are no longer safe behind these cyber walls, what will be next?  Maybe blogs will start being searched for bullying information.

Who knows.  But hey, at least it's interesting.
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