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Event - Jan 18, register by the 13th

Started by Elizabeth Weber, 2005-01-10T13:40:20-06:00 (Monday)

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Elizabeth Weber

AIAA Technical Specialist Meeting
January 18, 2005
Boeing Bldg. 100, Cafe

â€Ã...“A Night of Neural Networksâ€Ã,

Artificial neural networks are one of the promises for the future in computing and control of complex aerospace systems. A neural network is a powerful datamodeling tool that is able to capture and represent complex input/output relationships. The motivationfor the development of neural network technology stemmed from the desire to develop an artificial system that could perform "intelligent" tasks similar to those performed by the human brain. Neural networks resemble the human brain in two ways:
 ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã,¢A neural network acquires knowledge through learning.
 ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã,¢A neural network's knowledge is stored within inter-neuron connection strengths known as synaptic weights.
The power and advantage of neural networks lies in their abilityto represent both linear and non-linear relationships and in their ability to learn these relationships directly from the data being modeled. They are good at performing pattern recognition and other tasks too difficult for conventional techniques.
Boeing engineers and a consultant will provide short presentations of their recent work and developments in the field of artificial neural networks. Presentations Include:

â€Ã...“Intelligent Load Monitoring Using a Neural Network Based Systemâ€Ã, -Lawrence Pado
â€Ã...“The Development of an Artificial Neural Network for Multiple AeroelasticAnalysisâ€Ã, -Dale M. Pitt and Darin Haudrich
â€Ã...“An Indirect Adaptive Intelligent Flight Control System Approachâ€Ã, -James Ramsey
â€Ã...“Development and Implementation of a Neural Predictive Control Systemâ€Ã, -Lawrence Pado
â€Ã...“Development & Implementation of Self Training Neural Networksâ€Ã, -Stephen Thaler, Imagination Engines, Inc, Maryland Heights MO

4:30 Light Refreshments
5:00 â€ââ,¬Å"6:00 Presentation


Non-Boeing attendees MUST pre-register With Name and Nationality by 5:00 pm Thursday, January 13th with Darin Haudrichat 314-233-7554 or darin.p.haudrich@boeing.com for access to Boeing property
~Elizabeth Weber