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How Do I Join CAOS

Started by raptor, 2005-01-10T15:02:16-06:00 (Monday)

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Hey, I was just wondering who I need to contact or what I need to do to become a member of CAOS
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Jonathan Birch

CAOS doesn't really maintain a list of members, or at least they haven't since I've been around. If you want to participate, you can just show up at meetings or events.

There is a mailing list, but it isn't used often. A sign-up sheet for it is passed around at meetings sometimes.


Hello Raptor, welcome.  Joining is pretty easy, attend the meetings..be active..surf the boards and participate..and you're in.  We'll be having a meeting discussing this semester in a week or two, for now the boards are a good way to keep up on things.
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