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GMail Drive

Started by Brian Glass, 2005-01-14T11:50:00-06:00 (Friday)

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Brian Glass

Go Here -> Gmail Drive
You got a lot of useless Gmail Invites?  Use them on this.
This is a great little application, so I here.  It uses your gmail account as another storage medium.  Supposed to work great, but a little on the slow side.


I heard about that awhile ago. It does look pretty cool.  I've never actually used it, but it does look pretty sweet.

Is there still a limitation of how big of a file can be stored (I forget the limit)?
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Brian Glass

I just installed it and will play with it over the weekend.  I'll report all the pros and cons I have found in using it.
But no, I do not know the file limitation, I'll find out by probably using brute force.  I would assume that the file size is limited to the maximum size of the attachement on an email for gmail.  Then again i may be wrong because perhaps they split the file into more managable sizes for the attachments.

Brian Glass

Well no luck with the Gmail Drive.  I was unable to get it working with my Compaq and Windows XP SP2.
Anyone, else tried it yet??