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A question about the requirements of X

Started by Oxnard, 2005-01-24T12:14:13-06:00 (Monday)

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Okay, so I want to just have a computer that boots up and loads X and a lightweight window manager (thinking fluxbox).  All of the applications will be run off of the server so I'm not too worried about actually running anything else.

I'm not too well versed in running X or machines this slow.  I'm looking at 233 mhz 192 mb of ram.  If anyone an idea if this will work let me know.  Or if someone around here happens to have a similar machine I could borrow (I don't have the machines yet, that would require buying them, I'm trying to figure out if I want to get them or not) I would hook you up with some beer or something, I can swap out the hard drive if you want to keep the data.

Also if someone wants a machine or two like I described I may be able to get you them on the cheap. (around 25 bucks)

233 mhz
192 mb ram
6 gb hd

They're used Netiers (no cd rom)


William Grim

I'm not sure of X's actual requirements, but I've run it just fine on a Pentium-Overdrive 60 MHz.  It was pretty slow, but with blackbox it didn't kill the system.

You'll be fine with a 233 MHz Pentium II and that much RAM, unless you want to run compute-intensive programs.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


Sweet, thats what I was thinking.  Its a k6-2 and with that much ram I was thinking it would be allright, but I'm looking at buying a large stack of them so I figure asking around can't hurt.

EDIT:  And if someone does have a machine that about matches these specs I'd still like to give it a test run to see what I can work with.

Jarod Neuner

I put X on a Pentium 200 with showeq back around 2002, and did so for over a year. also ran gaim and did some web browsing...it was somewhat sluggish with all that runnin, kind of like a pentium 100 browsing with internet explorer. However, if your running applications on another machine, if your netowkr is fast you might outperform a pentium 3.

Right now, my router is a pentium 233. Come to the meeting on friday and ya might persuade me to go back to my apartment and put an X server on it.