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Giving back to the SIUE community

Started by R. Andrew Lamonica, 2005-02-08T20:11:53-06:00 (Tuesday)

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R. Andrew Lamonica

Students who are taking CS classes at SIUE can use ELMS to download Microsoft development software (VS.NET, the MSDN, MS Access, various SDKs) for free.  This is a great service that the CS department spends about a thousand dollars a semester to provide.  On top of the initial expense we have to support the system as well.  Greg and I have automated the system to cut down on time spent with day to day tasks.  However, there is still on time-consuming task that we are trying to eliminate.   That is where you come in. ;-)

Many of the students eligible for MSDNAA downloads are new to computers and so have trouble installing and configuring a complicated piece of software like Visual Studio .NET.  I would be willing to teach a number of CAOS volunteers how to install and configure it so that they could then help students having trouble.  I would even forward students who contact me (or contact Microsoft and are forward to me) to CAOS.  The install process is not hard for a seasoned computer nerd and the service would be of great value to students who would otherwise be stuck using lab computers to work on their homework.  Most students just need someone on the other end of a phone to tell them when to click â€Ã...“Nextâ€Ã, and when to click â€Ã...“Cancelâ€Ã,, so you might not need to leave your dorm-room.

I have a student or two who are actively seeking help as we discuss this.  So sooner would be better then later if anyone wants to volunteer.  For the long term, CAOS could sponsor an install at the beginning of the semester that would take care of many of the requests for help and be a great time to train helpers.