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Which is generally the better motherboard?

Started by Brad Nunnally, 2005-02-10T18:27:51-06:00 (Thursday)

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Brad Nunnally

I am tossed between getting the Asus A8N-SLI Mainboard or the GigaByte GA-K8NXP-SLI Motherboard. They both have pretty much all the same features to them. So, which do you all think makes the better motherboard?

Brad Ty Nunnally
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Brad Ty Nunnally
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I personally am a fan of Epox, Tyan, and Asus.  Epox is my first choice.
Bryan Grubaugh
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Chris Swingler

I've owned Epox, MSI, and Asus, and they've been indestructible.

My Soyo, on the other hand, has been RMAd three times.  I'm not buying another one of those.
Christopher Swingler
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I have had and used for extentended periods of time both Gigabyte and Asus motherboards.  I have no complaints from either--they were both quite reliable. I think Asus has a little more brand recognition--for whatever that's worth to you.
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i've broken a ePox board (more my fault...) MSI board, and i don't like my ASUS a8v.

bad sound, long bios post compared to NF2/nf3., also cdrw issue -- a cdrom could not be inserted unless it is inserted during a cold boot before the system posts.  works once you get to an OS though.  also, other issues including hardlocks.