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Linux on a Floppy?

Started by Guest, 2005-02-12T14:26:47-06:00 (Saturday)

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As might be the case with a lot of us I have two completely useless computers (a 386 and a 486) sitting in my basement collecting dust.  I have tried numerous things to get them to do something useful.  A while back I actually put them on my network running DOS.  Yes, as ridiculous as that sounds it worked for a while but it uses a ton of memory and stuff would crash.  It was also stupid because I couldn't use them as a file server since DOS only allows 8 letter long file names.

I was wondering if anybody has installed a form of Linux from floppy disks on similar really old machines and what their results were.

bill corcoran

one of my first experiences installing linux was installing slackware from the disk sets, as literally sets of floppy disks (userlocal.com)  i did this for several reasons: i had a 28.8 modem and it took a while to download even a floppy disk's worth of files, i had no cd-r drive, no money to buy a cd, and no network connection on the machine i was going to install linux on.  my results?  quite possible, but also very cumbersome to use so many pieces of an already arduous and unreliable media.  and i quickly found out that a computer without a network interface is BORING.

nowadays you can get linux on a floppy or two, but that also sounds pretty limiting.  try to get something on CD...