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Help with Open-House Preparations

Started by R. Andrew Lamonica, 2005-02-15T20:32:50-06:00 (Tuesday)

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R. Andrew Lamonica

On Saturday the Engineering building will be host to an Open-house.  Traditionally, CAOS runs online games in the EB1036 lab at this event.  We have one purchased FPS and we can access Demos of games that are freely available online.  However, there are two preparation-related tasks that must occur before Saturday.

1. I need one or two volunteers to select a game and create a procedure for getting it on the computers.  I can help with this procedure and if it is a simple matter of copying I can setup Ghost to do the work.  This task should be done Wednesday or Thursday*.

2. I may need many volunteers to setup the software Friday evening.  This will only be necessary if the software needs someone to visit each computer (for example if each package needs a different key typed in).

Please post to this thread or e-mail me (rlamoni is my SIUE address).

Thank You.

*Thursday I am proctoring a test from 2-4pm and cannot help.


I'll help Friday evening (hopefully more afternoon :-P ).

Don't you need some people there during the day on Saturday?
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Bryan Grubaugh
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Jonathan Birch

I should be around on Friday evening. If so, I'll look for you.

R. Andrew Lamonica

Q: â€Ã...“I can help Thursday. What time?â€Ã,
A: I will not be available from 2-4 so if we do Thursday then it will have to be times that do not overlap with these.

Q: â€Ã...“Don’t you need some people during the day [Saturday]?â€Ã,
A: Yes, I’m sure that people will be needed.  But it is not my responsibility to find them.  I am just assigned to setup the lab.  I may or may not be at the Open-House and I can not tell you what time it is, what shifts student workers are filling, or how they sign up to help (and get a tee-shirt).  I think that the CAOS officers should know these details.  If not them then the faculty advisor should.

Q: â€Ã...“Where should I meet you?â€Ã,
A: My office is EB1022.  If we need people on Friday then we will probably need them in EB1036.


Retired CAOS Officer/Overachiever
SIUE Alumni Class of 2005


I have class until 5:45 anytime after that would be great. I could also come, punch me in the face, early on Thursday.

R. Andrew Lamonica

Noone has shown up at my office yet.  If you guys want to back out please give me a call (650-2398) so that I don't have to continue waiting.