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Next CAOS event!

Started by Bryan, 2005-02-15T23:30:28-06:00 (Tuesday)

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I figured we'd start the discussions of what event CAOS should hold next.  After we get a rough idea of what to come we can put the top ideas into a poll.  here is what I was thinking:

Elite Gaming Night-  we managed to get a price of $13.50 per person for 10pm-6am Saturday nights.  We figured with such a low price everyone can handle their own and CAOS can order pizza.  Their stipulation is that we buy drinks from them (They have BAWLLLLLLLLS)

Poker Night-  Everyone Bring your own Be...yeah.  I was thinking whatever we decide the buy in to the event is (since it's a fundraiser) CAOS will meet that amount and buy geek toys to give out

Gaming Night- I haven't spoken to Steve Klien yet but he has all kinds of cool games.

Faculty/Student Bowling Night- would take a bit more preperation but I'm always up for whipping some ass in bowling.

Insert your ideas here.
Bryan Grubaugh
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Brad Nunnally

Elite gaming doesn't sound too bad, nor does poker night either.

Ross and I have talked to our Philosophy of the Mind teacher and he has aggreed to give a small lecture on stuff like AI, can a computer think, etc. We just have to let him know ahead of time so he can see if he can do it or not, plus prepare for the lecture.

Should this event happen next friday, or should we had a meeting to finalize someting?

Brad Ty Nunnally
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Brad Ty Nunnally
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Poker sounds pretty cool.  If you plan an Elite Gaming night you should give plenty of advance though.
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Jonathan Birch

I favor the game night myself.

Wasn't the idea of a trivia night brought up in the meeting? That might work as a fundraiser.

Also, is there anything preventing us from just setting up a bunch of console systems somewhere and having an SSB tournament or something?

Ross Mead

Does anyone have an X-Box?  If we can collaborate multiple people with X-Box's to bring them then we could LAN them and play Halo or somethin'.

If no one has an X-Box, then my other thought would be what if we spent one evening doing nothing but signing up for those "free gaming systems" or "free computers" offers.  For those of you who haven't tried this, they actually WORK!!!  Is anyone interested in that type of thing?

Also, was anyone interested in finishing the rest of the 'Red vs. Blue' seasons?  I figured that'd be further down the road, but it's still an option.  Thus far, I'm impartial to what we do; they all sound like fun! :-)

As Brad mentioned earlier, our Philosopy of Mind professor, Greg Littmann, seemed rather enthusiastic when we mentioned to him the idea of coming in and giving a short lecture on the philosophy of mind and how it applies to artificial intelligence (thanx to Brad and I, we end up on this topic DAILY in class! :-P ).  Is this a presentation you guys might enjoy?  Lemme' know, and I'll pursue it! :-)


I think a presentation on A.I and such would be really good.
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I think that and A.I. presentation would be very interesting, and could maybe even lead to more of an open forum type event.
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I am always up for a little RvB.

The A.I. presentation sounds great.