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Speaking of "Will Code for Caffeine"

Started by Brian Glass, 2005-02-16T09:57:32-06:00 (Wednesday)

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Brian Glass

If anyone is a Bawls addict or need to get a hold of some Bawls for a LAN party or just to have them, I know someone who can get them for (I think) $30 a case.  Each case has got 24 Bawls and compared to the cost of buying them by the bottle at $2 a piece at Market Basket or Schnuck's, thats a great deal.

Just give me like a week and a half notice and I should be able to get them to you.  My email is glassman324@gmail.com.


---neccesary joke----

If I was addicted to Bawls I sure wouldn't tell you.

---neccesary joke 2----
I think LAN parties already have too many Bawls.
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Chris Swingler

I've never actually tried Bawls.  What does it taste like?

What I really want is this stuff called Water Joe.  I can find it anywhere up north near my hometown, but I can't find it anywhere around here.  It's caffeinated water.  Tastes like water, has just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. :dance:
Christopher Swingler
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Bawls tastes kind of like a sprite, maybe a little sweeter.  It's actually really good compared to some caffeine drinks out there.  I know the cheapest place around here is Market Basket that has them for $1.39.  I believe Ross (your fearless president a.k.a Q-Bit) is a certified reseller and can get them cheap, may wanna talk to him.
Bryan Grubaugh
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Brian Glass

Ross isn't the certified reseller... he knows the same person that I happen to know.  It just happens to be that I live with this mutual friend.  Bawls doesn't exactly have a 'Certified Reseller'.  They go through distribution centers and thats how my friend can get them cheap, $1.25 a bottle, tax free.  So if anyone needs any, just wing an email this way.  I even think the price goes down after X amount of cases, but I may be wrong.

Ross Mead

Yeah, I'm not a reseller, I said I just knew someone who could get them for cheap...

But we could just get them ourselves from the local distributor: Fulsom Distributing (sp?).  It's like $16-$20 there, so someone could look into that for CAOS events.  Chances are, we may be able to get a deal because we're a student organization; it's a long-shot, but possible.  Would people want to throw in money for Bawls (or other beverages for that matter) or would this be CAOS funded (Bryan?)?  That's somethin' to look into if anyone is interested...

bill corcoran

can he get "lost" energy drink?  it is made by monster, but i can't find anywhere around here that even carries it...  i could go for a case of those now and again...  like other fancy high-caffeinated drinks, this one usually goes for $2 a can (but it is 20oz. & tasty).  i've been thinking i'll try to order it off the internet, but shipping could get ugly doing that.