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REU Opportunity in Networks

Started by Jerry, 2005-03-05T02:03:24-06:00 (Saturday)

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Note: Deadline extension March 15th

I would like to announce the second year of the
NSF-sponsored Research Experiences for Undergraduate
(REU) program to be held in the summer 2005 at Columbus
State University. More information about the program is
available at http://csc.colstate.edu/reu. Currently, we
are accepting applications from qualified students;
application form is available at
http://csc.colstate.edu/reu/Application.htm. I would
greatly appreciate if you could announce this exciting
opportunity to the students at your department. We have
a flyer with the program announcement, available at
http://csc.colstate.edu/reu/REUflyer2005.pdf. Please do
not hesitate to contact the director, Stan Kurkovsky
(kurkovsky_stan@colstate.edu) or me
(bhagyavati@colstate.edu, program co-director) if you
have any questions.
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