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User Ranks (Admin)

Started by Stiffler, 2002-09-03T09:40:35-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Try to get to the highest rank. If you can.

Just popping in------------0 - 20
Not too shy to talk--------21 - 40
Quite a regular------------41 - 70
Just can't stay away------71 - 150
Home away from home--151 - 10000

If you think the names should be renamed, post to this tread with the names of your choice. Let me know if the Number of post are inline in the colume. They are on my screen.


William Grim

They're not in line for me; I think I'm using the Bluely theme.
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley

R. Andrew Lamonica

How is this Tech. Knowledge and not Website Support?  ;-)


I think I'm guilt of being in that forum and not going to the correct one to post. Moving it. Thanks for the heads up.



I changed the last two ranks to:

Can't get enough CAOS
The only life I have is in CAOS

I'm sure you get the double meaning to this.  :-) See, I have a sense of humor. A small one, but none-the-less....