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GMail's Birthday

Started by Brian Glass, 2005-04-01T09:49:48-06:00 (Friday)

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Brian Glass

Well, today is Gmails birthday (I think).  I suggest everyone go to GMail and check out the start page.  Also read on to find that GMail has increased its storage capacity and a few added features.  Go here for more information.

How much is Google stock going for now?  I need to get some.

I also still got 50 invites for anyone who wants them, lol.


I have a bone to pick with Gmail.  It doesn't allow you to send certian kinds of attachments (like .exe and .zip for example) for security reasons. For anyone that does development work this makes it a huge pain to get your program from your machine to your customer.  Basically you have to trick gmail by changing the extension or compressing the file in a format that gmail doesn't currently block. I wonder if they block .doc files because they can contain macros, or if they block you from sending web pages because they can contain ActiveX code?  

In my opinion gmail is only good for fowarding your email to an account that really works.  


I am starting to believe that g-mail is not just one program but many and that users always see the one that they started with but different users might see different versions/feature sets.   For example, I can send .ZIP attachments.  In fact I did it today and have done it many times before.  On the other hand, Erin cannot seem to send rich-text e-mail at all.  Even if she is forwarding e-mail messages that were sent in rich-text the embedded files/formatting do not forward.  To make matters more complicated, there are different versions for different browsers.  The FireFox version uses â€Ã...“browseâ€Ã, buttons for attachments while the IE version uses activex or something Microsoftish to do attachments.  I am eager to see if the recent updates put everyone on the same page or if things still differ between accounts.

Brian Glass

I agree with Andrew on this one.  I have never had any problems sending .zip files or .doc files. Executables are a different story.  If I have a little bit of time this week I will look into why certain file types cannot be sent and get back to everyone.  This to me is strange for Google.


I never actually use my Gmail account.  I just got one because I could and it made me cool to be able to offer invitations to people.  I guess the more public it goes, the less cool I am  :cry:
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