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End of the semester event.

Started by Brad Nunnally, 2005-04-14T16:54:06-05:00 (Thursday)

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Brad Nunnally

Now that the semester is near an end, what would be a good event to hold to wrap things up? Please post any recommendation you might have here. I know there was talk of having a student faculty bowling night. If this is something we want to do let me know so that I can work out the finer details with the faculty and the bowling ally. If someone has a better suggestion let us know so we can start working on that. I know this has been a hectic semester on all of us and I think it would be a good idea to have one last geek party to wind down either before or right after finals.

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I think that only Steve Klein and I bowl. Though I don't know about Dr. Dooley and Dr. Blythe.

If you advertise it as a bowling/pool/social event you might get a some of the non-bowling faculty to stop by.

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