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CAOS iPod Shuffle Giveaway Contest at Springfest

Started by Tyler, 2005-03-20T12:22:41-06:00 (Sunday)

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I know I'm not the faculty advisor, but I'm curious - what was the return on investment?
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Well after looking at the amoutn of money CAOS has in our checking account we decided not to use this as a fund raiser but instead as just something to promote CAOS.  We made the money back that we spent on it and donated all extra to tsunami relief (which I'll admit, wasn't much).  
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As the person that did most of the heckling at our Springfest booth with passers by, I can wholeheartedly say we would not have broken even without having the proceeds going to tsunami victims.  That sealed the deal for a lot of people, they would all say "I'm not any good at those", but then I busted out the line about tsunami relief, and it caught quite a few of them for a buck or two.  So, in a sense, we made more money giving the proceeds to charity, because we broke even instead of losing money.  

Quite a few less people would be willing to basically throw a couple bucks away so we can throw pizza parties and lan nights.

Besides, they need the money a lot more than we do. :help:

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