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Looking for advice on headphones

Started by Jerry, 2005-04-17T21:46:22-05:00 (Sunday)

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So, I need to replace the standard issue IPod headphones.

I could spend $160 for a set of over the ear Bang & Olufsen or $100+ for Etymotic Isolator or  $10 to $40 for just about any set of standard earbuds.

Any suggestions?

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Matthew Thomas

Personally, I've never paid more than $20 for a GOOD set of headphones and have always been happy.

I think the best ones I've ever had (aside from the ones that come with the iPod) were the ones that I had way back in the early 90's with my original, black on green screen gameboy. I doubt you can find them anywhere any more, but they were just like the ipod headphones, only black, and the right bud had a red mark, and the left had a blue mark.

Seriously though, unless you have very sensitive ears, I doubt you'll hear an $80 - $120 difference. If it were me, I'd go with the cheapies. Cheap to buy, cheap to replace.
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My Bose headphones (don't remember the model number) are the best I've ever owned.  They're a bit pricey at $150, not to mention that for a little more you can get a similar model with that nifty noise cancellation feature.  I've heard that Sennheuser (spelling?) makes some really nice headphones, too.


ok, here is the experience that i have had w/various earbuds...

first set that i bought were the 40 dollar black ones (fontopia MDR-EX51LP) from sony. i loved these except i caught the soft rubber cord in my zipper and it ripped a hole in it screwing up one of the speaker's connection.

then i bought the "in ear" ones from apple. i didnt like these. they were not that bad except that the rubber part on the bud itself never stayed in place. i sold them to a friend for 10 bucks.

then, i got the older version of the fontopia MDR-EX51LP which has the soft rubber around the bud itself (along w/soft rubber cord). i dont like these as much. the rubber on the bud ripped and they are harder to get into your ears than the new MDR-EX51LP b/c the buds are made of the soft rubber. (the new white fontopias are made of this same soft rubber.)

i listened to the Bang & Olufsen ones and they sounded great but idk a/b spending 100+ on headphones.

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Sony MDR-V6 headphones have a good reputation for accuracy and clarity though some people complain they lack low frequency emphasis.  (may depend on the type of music you listen to)


I got my  Sennheiser HD212's from Newegg and love them very much.  Some people say that they are a little too bass-heavy, but I think they sound pretty great with just a slight bit of equalization.


I have no idea on a model number but I bought two sets of sony earbuds that rock out when I was in Japan.  I hated the iPod earbuds because of the huge size, it wasn't comfortable for long listening periods but these are awesome.  Like I said, I bought two pairs; one for the iPod and one for the game boy.  I don't regret it in the least.


your mission is to find the model number  :-P
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I've got a pair of Ety's that I love, though I'm not sure they were worth it.  I didn't pay for them; they were a Christmas present from a boyfriend which I had to awkwardly claim after he'd slept with someone else Christmas Eve.

They're great for work, because they cancel out all other sound, can't even hear myself type with the volumn as absolutely as low as it will go on my work pc.  However, if you're going to be in any environment where you still want to be able to hear a little of what's going on around you: taking a jog, walking the dogs, etc. then I wouldn't advise using them.

I have another pair that served me just fine before, so if you just need a set of earbuds and free works ...
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