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Printing in CS Lab - What happened to the leftover money meter?

Started by Ahmed, 2005-06-09T10:26:51-05:00 (Thursday)

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Uptil last semester we had the left over money display in the CS lab and $10.00 worth of printing.

This sem the meter aint showing up. Do we now get unlimited printing ? Or am i missing something.

R. Andrew Lamonica


The meter must be having trouble in the lab you are using.  Something changed with the domain switchover that caused the meter to stop showing up on some computers.  You still received your 100 B&W pages for this semester if you have logged into CSD at least once since the break and they are still deducting.  However, it will be hard for you to find out how many prints you have used if the meter is not appearing so please let me know what lab you had the problem in and I will fix it.  Also, I can lookup your current total if you e-mail me your â€Ã...“ACâ€Ã, login name.

Sorry for the trouble,
R. Andrew Lamonica
cs-support at â€Ã...“S.I.U.E.â€Ã,.edu