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csd login not working for me

Started by Pradeep C Unde, 2005-06-05T19:11:36-05:00 (Sunday)

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Pradeep C Unde

I just tried to loging to the CSD and the system did not seem to recognize me. I have NOT logged on to CSD this sem from the campus and just now tried it off-campus. Did I do anything wrong?
Could somebody tell me how to fix this? :-?


1) are you enrolled in classes?
2) did you go to the website before attempting to login?
3) have you tried calling Andrew, he'd be the one to help :-P
Bryan Grubaugh
Quickly aging alumni with too much time on his hands
Business Systems Analyst, Scripps Networks.

Pradeep C Unde

It just worked. I had to change the password as it was expired after changing the network domain to "AC". Thanks for the help Andrew.

R. Andrew Lamonica

This semester, we switched our authentication system from Windows NT Server to Windows Server 2003 using Active Directory.  The switch has caused a lot of changes to the system including new password requirements and a new domain name (â€Ã...“ACâ€Ã, has replaced â€Ã...“SOENTâ€Ã,).  Students with existing SOENT accounts can use their old password to login but they are forced to change to a new password before the login can be completed.  Most of our off-campus systems do not support this procedure, so you must use a lab computer to login for the first time this semester.  After you change your password then off-campus services (like CSD) will start working immediately.  

If you have forgotten your old SOENT password or have trouble making the switch then you can bring a photo-ID to Phil Busey, Greg Bartholomew (eb2024), or Myself (eb1022) and we can help you reset your password.

For the curious, the new passwords must contain at least one character from THREE of the following four character classes.
1. Uppercase Letters (EUIS...)
2. Lowercase Letters (euis...)
3. Numbers (1764...)
4. Punctuation (&*!.$@;...)

There is also a minimum length so I suggest that you use a sentence or phrase instead of a word.  This has the added advantage of naturally featuring characters from the requisite number of classes.  Remember, there is no reason that you cannot include spaces in your pass-phrases.

R. Andrew Lamonica
Dept. of Computer Science Support
Email cs-support at everyone's favorite four-letter domain name.  ;-)

R. Andrew Lamonica

Just to let everyone know, this post is still accurate.  If you did not have any classes last semester after we changed to Active Directory then you probably did not log in and so you will have to follow the steps I posted here.

Help logging into CSD if you have not done so in more than a semester.

If you are still having difficulty then you can call me at x2398.