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Grokker: a visual search tool

Started by Jerry, 2005-06-22T13:14:10-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Groxis teamed up with Yahoo! to make a free Grokker search tool.

It's a really cool way to search the web.  Here's the link:

Here's a search of CAOS. I was amazed at how many other organizations have the same acronym.

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William Grim

Wow, that tool is impressive.  I did a search for OpenSSI (a Linux high-availability single-system-image kernel patch and utilities) that I am thinking about using and developing during my grad research.  I really liked how it laid everything out in an easy format and let you zoom in and out and see detailed descriptions.  Maybe this will be my new search tool!
William Grim
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I looked at this and though it absolutely sucked.  I felt like they overcomplicated the process with the fancy GUI.  I like good ol text better in this case.

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