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Star War

Started by Elizabeth Weber, 2005-07-20T10:04:42-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Elizabeth Weber

Some things just get lost in translation and retranslation...

Backstroke of the West

Anakin must have been a CS major  ;-)
~Elizabeth Weber

Jonathan Birch


I saw Star Wars here (Tokyo) last week, and the subtitles seemed like a pretty competent translation, although they diverged pretty strongly from what was actually said on screen at times.

The only specific case I can still remember though is that "this is where the fun begins" line. The Japanese version just said "wakuwaku" which, in context, would mean something like "it's getting exciting". But then the actual phrase "this is where the fun begins" would sound ridiculously verbose in Japanese.

I do occasionally see ridiculous things written in English though. For example, I've been considering buying this shirt that reads "you will feel so good we do every thing for - will just go away" (split across a picture of a zebra saying "it is delicious").