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Map of the Moon!

Started by Ross Mead, 2005-07-20T15:01:55-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Ross Mead

Leave it to Google to take the obvious next step:

Google Moon

It was created to commemorate the first lunar landing using satellite imagery that they were given by NASA.

Chalk another one up for Google for yet another cool web applet.  I'm really impressed by the amount of detail they could get, namely when fully zoomed in... ;-)  :-D

Brad Nunnally

I think this is just awesome. I can already see the realtors stacking out the prime spots to sell to people.
"Here you can see the beautiful beaches of the Oceanus Procellarum ..." 100 MILLLIIIOOON DOLLARS MUHAHAHA!!!
Brad Ty Nunnally
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Matthew Thomas

They already are selling lunar property. You can buy a chunk for yourself at

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